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Welcome to Long Island Lumber Jack Tree Removal Service, the home for all your Tree removal and Land Clearing needs. We here at L.I.lumberjack have been proudly serving the Long Island area for over 23 years! Specializing in all types of land services.
Give us a call when you need professional tree and land services, and let our staff show you what Quality, Service and Commitment mean.
Estimates are FREE, and Customer Satisfaction is our Guarantee.
Dave Cion, Owner and operator of L.I. Lumber Jack and proud resident of Long Island, is pleased to offer special promotions for all firemen and law enforcement personnel, as well as for all senior citizens.
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Tree removal :

There is no project too big or small for L.I. Lumberjack to handle, and over 23 years in the businesses we’ve pretty much seen and done it all.
Tree Removal Long Island is one of our most popular services, and we pride ourselves on being able to remove any tree there is. We do Stump Grinding as well, so if you want to completely remove the tree from the grounds than we’ve got you covered.
Sometimes though, tree removal is not necessary or maybe not desirable by the landowner, and that is when our Long Island Tree Trimming services will help in preservation. The trimming of dead limbs will benefit the health of a tree while also protecting against potential damage caused by falling branches.
With the population density of Long Island, it’s important not to let potentially dangerous trees or branches linger to long, and it is prudent to look at tree trimming and tree removal as preventive measures rather than as a form of damage control. This way, the hazard of a dead or dying tree can become one less thing you ever have to worry about.
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Long Island Tree works :

In Long Island Land Clearing is another popular service that we offer, and we have all the means to clear your land both efficiently and affordable. Our wood chipper service will make quick work of any branches or brush that need to be cleared, and our stump grinder can take on even the most difficult of stumps. Stones, rocks, and even boulders are not a problem because we do Large Boulder Work as well. We can move them; we can remove them. Whatever you need, we have the means.
Yard Preparation is one service in particular that we know we excel at, and for good reason. We know how important it is for things to be done right when bigger plans are in place, which is why in all our work we put an emphasis on Customer Satisfaction. So when it comes to land preparation and yard preparation, our only goal is to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. Our high quality yard preparation services even include the ability to build retaining walls and do large boulder work, so whatever your land preparation needs may be L.I. Lumberjack is right for the job.
Early on in the business, customers were literally demanding that we build Retaining Walls for them in the process of clearing and preparing their land, so that is a service we proudly offer as well. Our Retaining Walls Long Island are built solid, sturdy, and with aesthetics in mind. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, these walls are built to last and can be an attractive feature to any yard or landscape.
Another very popular service that we are pleased to offer here at Long Island Lumber Jack is our Firewood Service. We sell and deliver top quality firewood right to your door, and prices that would be hard to beat. So when the seasons roll around and you start thinking about firewood, think L. I. Lumber Jack and get high quality wood from a company you can trust.
Other services that we provide include Grading, Topsoil, Gravel Driveways, Storm Damage Demolition, and many other services that have not been mentioned. If you have a job for us that you don’t see talked about here, be sure to give us a call and ask because we’ve seen and done it all before, and there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. It can’t hurt to ask, and we would be happy to take your call.
With over 23 years in the business, L.I. Lumber Jack is ready to service your land and lumber needs. We are considered one of the top Lumber Jack Services in the Long Island area for a reason. Our long track record of service in the local community illustrates our commitment to standing behind the work that we do 100%. We guarantee customer satisfaction and take pride in our work. So when you need Lumberjack services in the Long Island, Suffolk, and surrounding areas, call L.I. Lumberjack and you will be glad you did.
With over 20 years in the business, L.I. Lumber Jack is ready to service your lumber needs. Considered one of the top Lumber Jack Services in Long Island, We stand behind all of our work and Customer Satisfaction is our guarantee. Let our staff show you what Quality, Service and Commitment means! Our Services - (FREE ESTIMATES!) - LILumberjack@gmail.com

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The Noticeable Difference

The Noticeable Difference

From punctual arrival times to unparalleled professionalism ending with broom-swept clean up, LI Lumberjack’s Tree Service provide

Ultimate Property Care

Most precautionary measures possible

The most precautionary measures possible are taken when LI Lumberjack’s Tree Service begins your tree removal job. Respect and attention are give


Complete visual assessment of the property

After making a complete visual assessment of the property, LI Lumberjack’s prepares each customer by alerting them of the entire tree

Extremely Professional

Tree Service raises the bar

The best in the business, LI Lumberjack’s Tree Service raises the bar when it comes to tree removal.